Sheet Metal Cutting: Forum has been successfully finished!

Reports have been presented, presentations have been finished, but it was still no room at all in the lobby of the Victoria business center. Hot debates, like hot lava, flew from the conference room into the lobby, where groups were quickly formed by interests, the centers of which were the speakers of the event, keepers of unique experience of their companies: leaders in the field of sheet metal working.

The “Sheet Metal Cutting-2015” forum was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, it’s arrangers and participants avoided usual reports with presentations, having turned them into discussions, meetings of high-grade technical professionals.

The honorable right to open Euroforum-2015 was granted to commercial director of Boschert-Gizelis (Germany) Vasilis Brachos (on the photo to the left).


Then there was an unforgettable “lecture on the theory of material resistance” from a representative of the world leader in the field of plate-straightening equipment — Arku company (Germany) Claudius Pikorz.


And presentation of complex high-tech solutions offered by Danobat (Spain) from the regional manager of sales department Gorka Badiola (on the photo to the left).


A surprisingly clear and deceptively simple report about high-tech machining of complex profiles was presented by the regional manager of sales department of Kaltenbach (Germany)  Stefan Klahn (on the photo to the left).


The forum was closed by a representative of the world leader in the field of hydroabrasive equipment Flow (USA), general director of TCS Service LLC Dmitry Nomirovskiy.


We are grateful to everybody who shared the joy of meeting of professionals with us!

We will send the catalog of “Sheet Metal Cutting-2015” to everyone who did not manage to become a participant of the forum by the email specified during registration.

You can also download the catalog by clicking the following link:

We will be happy to see you among the participants of the next event “Controls and Measurements-2016”.

Sincerely and gratefully yours,
Euroforum Team.

Published: 23.09.2015.