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«Who owns the information, he owns the world»

Nathan Rothschild

From the earliest times, information about the world has been an essential factor of human survival and a crucial development driver — the study of each new phenomenon became a springboard for a new stage of development.

Currently information is playing a decisive role for each one of us — the more skills and expertise we have, the more value we can provide as specialists and team players.

The World has entered a new age — driven by information, the age of electronic business, social networks, and communities without borders. This life calls for specific manufacturing methods and mindsets, and shapes lifestyles.

Information has become a vital resource, alongside manpower, finance, and materials.

EUROFORUM invites you — an experienced engineer or ambitious beginner, technologist at a major manufacturing plant, or director of a moderate-size private business, if you wish to expand the present operating production facilities, or seek a competitive edge in the tough economic environment, and look to establish new partnerships, and if you need reliable relevant information and want to learn about the latest achievements in mechanical processing, press working, measurement and control systems, and many more.

Register and participate now — let your logo shine on our profi-map!