Ads on portal

Mass advertising campaign with guaranteed attraction of attention of the audience.

Ideally fit for image advertising of brands, entering of new brands to the market, as well as brands, goods, collections, and services; announcements of discount periods, special events, advertising games; opening of new commercial or servicing facilities; advertising of festivals, concerts, major entertainment events, and other similar campaigns.

Requirements to banners:

  1. Supported banner formats SWF, GIF, JPG.
  2. Flash banners (SWF) must have the version of not higher than 9 and be opened in a new window (_blank in the window parameter).
  3. The content of the advertising material must comply with the content of the page to which it is linked.
  4. The banner must not overload the user’s computer processor when displayed at the page.
  5. Advertising banners with white background must have visible boundaries along the entire perimeter.
  6. Banner files must have the following dimensions: 240x100px

The following advertising banners will not be accepted:

  1. Those having offensive or pornographic content.
  2. Those containing standard user interface elements.
  3. Those misleading users or having inaccurate information about products/services.

Please call the following phone numbers to place advertising: +375 17 202 06 33 of fax +375 17 202 06 53.