Efficient Metal Processing Technologies

In ancient times, to get rid of toothache, one had to wait for the full moon to rise, catch a toad, spit in its mouth, and say the sacred words… There is no data on how many people have been healed that way, though it is absolutely evident that modern medicine is far ahead.

And that concerns not only medicine.

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We no longer wash dishes with nettles, no longer brush our teeth with charcoal and wipe them with a damp cloth, no longer put a frog in a bucket of milk, so that it does not turn sour for a long time… The list can be continued, but it is unlikely that anyone will argue that life has become simpler today! We must thank all authors of ingenious inventions, engineers who managed to start mass production of their ideas, and all outstanding minds, all people who are pushing the industry forward.

And we are looking forward to the main event for all Belarusian industry. The next annual exhibition “Machine Building-2016” will open its doors in spring. And, as always, there will be many plans and the four days planned for the exhibition will be too few.

Не спешите расстраиваться!

Do not feel bad about it!

The forum called “Efficient Metal Processing Technologies” will take place within the scope of the “Machine Building-2016” exhibition on April 6, from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. at: 20/2 Pobediteley Avenue, Minsk.

Participation is free.

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The Event is complited.

Генеральные партнеры

spinner_150_150 The SPINNER Machine tool factory GmbH – European manufacturer of precision equipment – lathes and milling machines.
logo_pee-wee_150x150 The Pee-Wee Cold-rolling and pipe-processing machines GmbH – German  manufacturer of thread rolling machines, spline rolling machines planetary thread rolling machines, profile rolling machines, process thread rolling, centerless grinding machines
gleason_150_150 The Gleason Corporation is the total gear solutions provider of the machines, tooling, processes, services and technologies needed to bevel and cylindrical gears.

Here, the latest technological developments will be revealed for the first time, steaming hot innovative solutions will be presented. Our speakers are experts in their fields, patent holders, members of scientific societies! Just register to get to the “epicenter of scientific thought”!

See you at the Euroforum!

Published: 04.02.2016.