Efficient ways of gear working and measurement at GEAR SOLUTIONS FORUM

We invite you to become a participant of the international Forum dedicated to the technologies of bevel and cylindrical gear production, measurement and control.

The Forum will be supervised by Gleason Corporation – the Total Gear Solutions Provider of the machines, tooling, processes, services and technologies needed to produce bevel and cylindrical gears found virtually everywhere — from automobiles and tractors to airplanes; from the lawn mowers and power tools for households to the giant wind turbines that can power thousands of these houses.

Gear Solution Forum Eurostancom

Date October 5, 2017
Time 10.00 – 16.30
Place Conference hall Politechnic (Minsk, Surganova str.37/1,Metro station Akademiya Nauk)

Control and Measurement 2017 map
 Informational blocks 1. Specific Aspects of Bevel Gears Production

2. Novelties in Cylindrical Gears Production

3. Software KISSOFT and INDUSTRI

4. Control and Measurement of All Types of Gears

Speakers Top Experts of Gleason Corporation.
Participants – Representatives of the leading enterprises of the Republic of Belarus

– Representatives of the relevant core institutions and educational facilities

– Representatives of the Academy of Sciences