Creative geometry for complex medical implants

In the exhibition IMTS 2016 – 31th International Exhibition of industrial equipment and metalworking technology – we have seen a lot of innovation in various spheres. We wanted to stay more detail on the medicine – industry that concerns all of us. We are interested in ConceptLaser, dealing with equipments, which includes the production of prostheses.

When it coconceptlasermes to miniature component design, additive manufacturing can open up entirely new directions. Concept Laser has developed an additive manufacturing patented process known as LaserCUSING, made up of the letter C from CONCEPT Laser and the word FUSING (complete melting).

Using 3D CAD data, the LaserCUSING process generates components layer by layer. The segments of each individual layer—so-called islands—are worked through in a manner that significantly reduces stresses within the component. This allows solid objects to be generated with low warping.

The Concept Laser Mlab cusing R , equipped with a 100W fiber laser, can process titanium and titanium alloys. Tsunami Medical (Modena, Italy), a developer of various types of spinal implants, has installed a Mlab cusing R system.

The double spring is made of titanium with a silicone core for damping the movement of the spring. The design and spacing dimensions can be adjusted precisely to the patient’s anatomy in accordance with the surgeon’s specifications.

Using laser melting technology, this disc prosthesis is manufactured in a one-shot process, eliminating the need for downstream assembly processes.

A special feature of this titanium part lies in its geometry with partially different density distributions through embedded web-like structures. Thus, this part offers the biocompatibility of titanium with the desired elasticity of a plastic material.

Such implants can also be affordably manufactured in various dimensions depending on the anatomy of the patient, allowing for customized manufacturing.

protez2 Conceptlaser

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Published: 04.10.2016.