The opening of Mitutoyo’s showroom in Moscow

MitutoyoWe are pleased that our colleagues, the company Mitutoyo RUS, has opened a new showroom in Moscow office. There you can make the right choice a particular model of measuring instruments, ask questions to experts and participate in the process of measurement.

Currently Mitutoyo company works in more than 100 countries. Only in Japan they have two developing section, 10 production facilities, two metrology institutes, five calibration laboratories, seven service centers and seven center solutions in addition to the headquarters and sales offices of Kawasaki. Mitutoyo Group is present in 40 countries, has more than 80 affiliates and national distributions, 65 making centers, 17 production facilities, six research laboratories, 12 Metrology Institutes and 20 calibration laboratories. Furthermore, Mitutoyo have 60 representatives in other countries.

Mitutoyo offers a comprehensive range of measuring instruments, starting from micrometers and calipers, complicated equipment such as coordinate measuring machines and optical systems.

Let the slogan of “Quality is the first”, the company’s products are used throughout.

The company Mitutoyo, which has become acknowledged a leading manufacturer of a full range of precision measuring equipment, continues to carry out its role as a world leader in a relentless a pursuit of advanced technologies that meet the changing needs of the industry, creating measuring instruments and technology.

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Published: 31.08.2016.