Any measurement is… a Fairy Tale!

Metrology as a science appeared in the 18th century and as a priceless fund of knowledge it has been existed all through the ages and was many centuries handed over by worth-of-mouth.

You don’t trust us?

Let’s remember well known fairy tales which many generations grew up with. And we are not an exception.

THREE LITTLE PIGS. It’s a description of results of one of the mechanical strength testing procedures for building structures. In this fairy tale three residential units are tested: those made of straw, sticks and bricks.

CINDERELLA. It stands to reason, that the little glass slipper is gauge, that was used to determine, if the pretenders were worthy enough to become prince’s wife.

Modern metrology is also similar to a fairy tale where turn for help to magic measuring machines with probe system instead of arms and scanning head on portal shoulders. But this fairy tale is for experts who tussle with evil called “rejects” as well as are always in search of “unknown paths” to better quality of output product.

We invite everybody who wishes to become lead character of this fairy tale to take part in the European Specialized Forum “Inspection and Measuring 2016” that will take place in February 2016.

Published: 06.11.2015.