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New record 3D-printing: the largest solid object

The 3D-printed trim tool co-developed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and The Boeing Company exceeded the required minimum size to achieve the Guinness World Records title of largest solid 3D-printed item. The trim tool will be used in building Boeing’s 777X passenger jet. Production is scheduled to begin in 2017 with first delivery targeted for […]


Creative geometry for complex medical implants

In the exhibition IMTS 2016 – 31th International Exhibition of industrial equipment and metalworking technology – we have seen a lot of innovation in various spheres. We wanted to stay more detail on the medicine – industry that concerns all of us. We are interested in ConceptLaser, dealing with equipments, which includes the production of […]


The opening of Mitutoyo’s showroom in Moscow

We are pleased that our colleagues, the company Mitutoyo RUS, has opened a new showroom in Moscow office. There you can make the right choice a particular model of measuring instruments, ask questions to experts and participate in the process of measurement. Currently Mitutoyo company works in more than 100 countries. Only in Japan they […]


Efficient Metal Processing Technologies

In ancient times, to get rid of toothache, one had to wait for the full moon to rise, catch a toad, spit in its mouth, and say the sacred words… There is no data on how many people have been healed that way, though it is absolutely evident that modern medicine is far ahead. And […]


Any measurement is… a Fairy Tale!

Metrology as a science appeared in the 18th century and as a priceless fund of knowledge it has been existed all through the ages and was many centuries handed over by worth-of-mouth.

You don’t trust us?

Let’s remember well known fairy tales which many generations grew up with. And we are not an exception.


Control and Measurement 2016

“Science begins… since measurements begin” –
Dmitri Mendeleev.

Metrology encompasses people; it penetrates into all spheres of their life starting from ancient civilizations.

We experience applied metrology as soon as we sound our first cry. The baby not having even a name becomes a measuring object. The first minutes they measure its length, weight and body temperature.

And legal metrology is first mentioned in Old Testament.

Metrology, inspection and measurements are things that improve our living standards, make our life more sustainable, safer and, of course, better.

We are glad to invite you to take part in the European Specialized Forum “Control and Measuring 2016”.



(Русский) Приглашаем Вас принять участие в уникальном мероприятии, посвященном современным технологиям по зубообработке фирмы Gleason, который будет проходить 11 ноября 2015 в 9:00 по адресу: г. Москва, ул. Русаковская, д. 24, отель Холидэй Инн Сокольники (м. Сокольники).

Программа семинара будет включать в себя следующие темы:

  • Фрезерование цилиндрических зубчатых колес;
  • Современный метод нарезания «Скайвинг»;
  • Зубошлифовальные и финишные операции зубчатых колес;
  • Современные технологии по производству конических зубчатых колес;
  • Инновации в сфере зубообрабатывающего инструмента;
  • Метрология и контроль зубчатых колес.


EMO Milano 2015

If Olympic Games for manufacturers of industrial equipment
appear any time, they will be called 

EMO MILANO-2015 is another challenge threw down by the best global manufacturers of machines, tools, means of automation and control to each other. This is a new height in development of industry that was conquered due to hard work of best engineering minds for the entire previous year.


Sheet Metal Cutting: Forum has been successfully finished!

Reports have been presented, presentations have been finished, but it was still no room at all in the lobby of the Victoria business center. Hot debates, like hot lava, flew from the conference room into the lobby, where groups were quickly formed by interests, the centers of which were the speakers of the event, keepers of unique experience of their companies: leaders in the field of sheet metal working.

The “Sheet Metal Cutting-2015” forum was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, it’s arrangers and participants avoided usual reports with presentations, having turned them into discussions, meetings of high-grade technical professionals.


We know all about the Sheet Metal Cutting!

“Sheet Metal Cutting-2015: Innovative Solutions and State-of-Art Technologies” European Forum will be held in Minsk on September 16.

If you have ever asked yourselves, “How exactly do they make it (a beer can, a spoon bait, a radiator grille or a colander)?”, then, you will be interested in the forum. In general, it is impossible to imagine a life of a person today without widespread use of sheet metal.

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