Apple and Zeiss are working on glasses mixed and augmented reality

The well-known blogger Robert Scoble (Robert Scoble) reported, citing an anonymous source at Zeiss, that Apple and an optics manufacturer, joined forces to develop glasses mixed and augmented reality. Their debut is scheduled for next year.

Очки дополненной реальности от Zeiss для Apple

According to Scoble, this explains the fact that the Zeiss stand at CES 2017, located in the center section of the virtual reality, was not among the exhibits any device virtual, augmented and mixed reality.

Zeiss is now engaged in implementation of VR One Plus virtual reality helmet with special optics that turns virtually any smartphone in virtual or augmented reality.

Although Scoble message contains a minimum of details, and does not provide any evidence, it can be considered an indirect confirmation of the fact that Apple’s, at least considering the possibility of entering the market for consumer systems, mixed and augmented reality.

Zeiss Glasses Apple

Apple does not hide interest in this area, although Tim Cook suggested that the augmented reality more prospects than the virtual. “We have a high opinion of augmented reality, if we talk about the long term,” – said Cook last fall. According to him, this technology offers great potential for commercial use, so the company will invest in this direction.

Published: 17.01.2017.